Our repertoire

The choir’s repertoire comprises works from across the French-speaking world. 

This includes:

  • French folk songs
  • Jazz
  • Lullabies
  • Courtly love songs
  • Drinking songs
  • Composed classical pieces by Fauré, Saint-Saëns, Debussy, Berlioz and many others
  • French Christmas carols

Songs are from periods ranging from medieval, renaissance, baroque and romantic, through to the 20th century. There are works from various regions of France including Corsica, the Massif Central and Burgundy, and also from Canada and Africa.

Music Samples

La la la, je ne l’ose dire (Pierre Certon) 
Titled “I hardly dare tell you”, this song from the 16th century tells of a man who is jealous of his wife, for good reason. Worn down by gossip in his village, he eventually hangs himself and ends up in hell. Sadly for him, his wife promptly follows him there!

Lydia (Fauré)
Originally an Art Song for voice with piano accompaniment, this arrangement for choir by Christian Mondrup retains all the harmonic clarity of the original, in a song which praises the beloved’s corporeal and spiritual charms.

Il est bel et bon (Pierre Passerau)
“My husband is a fine man – he does the housework, never beats me, and feeds the chickens while I take my ease.” And the chickens are much in evidence in this complex and virtuosic polyphonic song.

Légende du pays aux oiseaux (George Shearing)
The jazz ‘scene’ was very big in Paris in the 1950s. Also known as ‘Lullaby of Birdland’. Lola is dreaming of the country of the birds.